Thursday, December 31, 2009

My way to the cloud

Hi all,

this is my first post here on my dedicated blog on Azure. I got hooked an Azure about a year ago and did some heavy studying on the subject and also got involved at my work on several Azure initiatives. Currently i am working on AppFabric Service Bus and other new concepts like Vidalia.

The best discussions i have with people on Azure and Cloud in general are about comparing Azure with Google or Amazon. The thing is: these don't compare since they are different things. Azure is the surviving strategy of Microsoft in their quest for the Online market. Amazon is a bookstore (and a bit more). Google is a searchengine (and a bit more). This is exactly why Azure is something different and a lot more. A lot of people think that using Azure will be about completely migrating everything you have to the Azure cloud. The power of Azure is that hybrid scenario's are very possible and that the Service Bus will knit everything together (hey, it's about seamless again). The Service Bus (SB) will be essential in all cloud scenario's and most case studies you'll find have something about SB in it.

Developing for Azure is fun and any .NET developer can do it. Just go to , register, download the tools and get started. A good start will be the Windows Azure Platform Kit. Just download it, work your way through the demos and labs and you're well prepared.

I will try to post a new article frequently (at least once a week). My next blog will be on PinPoint.

Feel free to contact me and talk to you soon!