Monday, January 24, 2011

VM Role considerations

After experimenting a lot getting the VM role to work a few considerations:

- Take some time (a lot of time actually) to prepare your image and follow all prerequisites on Two important steps to take: build a base image VHD which will be the parent of all your other differencing disks. Differencing disks contain the specific characteristics of the VM role to upload and run. Typically you won't run your base VHD (it's just W2008R2) but it's the differencing disks that have the value add. Think of a development environment containing Visual Studio and other tools for your developers and/or architects, a specific VHD for testers having the test version of VS2010 installed, desktop environments with just Office tooling etc.
- don't bother trying to upload your sysprep'd W2008R2 VHD from Windows 7 :-)
For some reasons after creating the VHD with all the necessary tools on it, the csupload still causes some Hyper-V magic to happen. The thing is, Hyper-V magic is not on Windows 7.
- Use the Set-Connection switch of the csupload app to set a "global" connection, written to disk, in your command session and take it from there.
- We started struggling from here concerning the actual csupload. The following message was displayed:

It tells me that the subscription doesn't have the VM role Beta enabled yet. The things is....i did!

I'll just continue the struggle and get it to work....if you have suggestions please let me know, here or on twitter @riccardobecker.